Sunday, October 4, 2009

Solea Photography featured in StreetScape By Night Magazine

Solea Photography was featured in the new issue of StreetScape By Night magazine. It was a great honor for them write an article about me. I have always loved StreetScape magazine and now they've come out with a new publication. You can read the article below or pick up a copy at participation locations. To find out were you can get a copy of StreetScape Magazine or StreetScape By Night, visit them at
[STORY] Robin Seaton Jefferson
[PHOTOS] Nichole Olea - Solea Photography
Nichole Olea wants her photography to generate feeling, not only in her audience but also in those being photographed. With over a decade of photography experience, Olea aims to make every photo session into a work of art. “When looking at your photography, you should feel like it has a soul,” she said. “I would like for my work to get a reaction out ofyou. I want it to convey an emotion.”Her company—Solea Photography—was born from that notion. “Whether it is a senior portrait or a portrait of a newborn, I am capturing a moment in your life that can never be recreated,” Olea said. “This is who they were. This is what their life was at that time.There’s a value to that. It’s not just a snapshot.”Olea started experimenting in photography in middle school. “I was in a performing arts school in a massmedia class and I knew that’s what I wanted to do,”she said. From there, Olea would go on to obtain her fine arts degree and begin work in her first studio in1998.Olea said her work is more than just getting the perfect shot. “I just loved to be involved in the processfrom way back when it was still film. From constructing the photograph to changing the visual effect with the camera, from the darkroom to now in the digital darkroom with the computer, I just loved the whole process.”Solea Photography is a unique studio that Olea said tries to “capture the spirit in all of us.” Blessed with four children of her own, she is dedicated to passing down the special gift of a family heirloom through her work.“Being part of such a big family, you learn quickly to just be yourself and enjoy life as it is handed to you,”she said.Olea specializes in “environment portraiture” which allows her clients to pick the environment that best suits them. “Whether it’s a park or your home, I try to pick a location that’s comfortable for you.”Photographing her clients in their personal spaces teaches Olea more about them as individuals. “I enjoy getting to know them as I’m photographing them and getting their personalities to shine through.”Olea said she enjoys photographing high school seniors the most. “They’re so fun and youthful,” she said. “They’re just up for anything really.”But no matter what the subject,Olea said there is never a dull moment in her profession. Like the time she was photographing a wedding party and all of the groomsmen simultaneously dropped their pants. Or even the time she was photographing NewYork Yankee player Ian Kennedy’s wedding while he worried that the playoffs might put the wedding on hold.For more information on Solea Photography, call 636-751-1135 or visit

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